Ace your Amazon Interview

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Ace your Amazon Interview

Alex Scott
5 ratings

Ace your Amazon Interview - learn the application process and interview questions that will get you a dream job offer

Getting a job at Amazon is tough - the interview process is long and difficult

Amazon's interview process is notoriously difficult.

When I was an interviewer, I passed less than 10% of candidates through to an offer.

You won't get feedback on your performance.

How do you know what to improve?

What is the process?

What is a 'Bar Raiser' and why do they matter?

How do I present my unique experiences in a way that will resonate with an Amazon interviewer?

Are my answers at the right level of complexity for a massive company like Amazon?

This book will answer all of your questions and help you ace any interview at Amazon.

Learn the exact process, frameworks and questions that will unlock your dream $200k+ job offer at Amazon

You will learn how to:

  • Write the perfect Amazon-proof resume - so you can get over the first hurdle of resume screening
  • Get into the ‘Amazon mindset’ - so the hiring manager knows you will be a perfect cultural fit
  • Prepare like the top 1% of candidates - so you can copy the frameworks and save hours of preparation
  • Understand the different types of roles across Amazon - so you can increase your chances of success
  • Manage applying to multiple job postings at the same time - so you can increase chances without diluting your pitch
  • Give great answers that raise the Amazon bar - so you know the debrief will fall in your favor

You get everything in one easy to read ebook

An 91 page e-book filled with dozens of real-world questions and examples. I distill more than 400 interviews into easily digested advice. Chapter 4 includes real life Leadership Principles questions and examples from successful candidates.

Chapter 1: Join the CEO factory (pages 4 to 8)

  • Understand the entire end to end interview process, which is consistent across technical and non-technical

Chapter 2: Apply for the right job (pages 9 to 14)

  • Lean the tips and tricks that elite universities use to prepare their students
  • Understand how you can use employee referrals to your advantage

Chapter 3: Understand the interview process (pages 15 to 19)

  • Get a deep understanding of the Leadership Principles and how the hiring manager is assessing your fit for their role

Chapter 4: Get specific, real life examples to benchmark your answers (pages 20 to 91)

  • Compare your answers against real, detailed candidate answers
  • Identify the interview Bar Raiser and understand how they will affect your interview

Customer testimonials

I have helped hundreds of job applicants over the past 10 years.

These are some of their testimonials:

Aleksandra is working for Amazon in France. She started with the company in Luxembourg in 2020.

Woomee took a job offer in San Diego where she is working in AWS' Strategy & Operations team.

Claire is working for AWS in the London office where she joined in 2021.

Sumeet successfully prepared for her Amazon interviews as a technical product manager.

Money back guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with this purchase then I promise I will give you a full refund. Just write me an email with your feedback within 14 days of purchase.

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An 91 page PDF e-book based on hundreds of real life Amazon interviews.


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